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Learn about these garden combos >> Home and Garden staff
Organic gardeners know that a diverse mix of plants makes for a healthy and beautiful garden. Many believe that certain plant combinations have extraordinary (even mysterious) powers to help each ...more

Ridding cukes and squash of pests >> Home and Garden stafff
Have you had issues with the striped cucumber beetle and squash vine borer? Here is a tip from the Springfield Organic Gardening Club. Try planting daikon radishes, pictured, at the base of ...more

Soil testing is needed before applying fertilizer >> Home and Garden d-burton
AVA, MO ó Having soil tested is the first step to having a more productive pasture or garden. Ben Polley, a graduate student working for the University of Missouri Extension in Douglas County, ...more

Heavenly bamboo isn't so celestrial >> Home and Garden stafff
A new invasive exotic, heavenly bamboo, pictured, (Nandina domestica) has been observed naturalizing in the Springfield, Missouri area. It already is widespread in Arkansas and other southern ...more

Easy steps for making a wreath out of succulents >> Home and Garden mariwinn
Angela Keith, pictured, a Greene County Master Gardener, is known for the centerpieces she creates out of succulents. She was the speaker at the May meeting of the Succulent Society of the Ozarks ...more

Challenges of growing succulents >> Home and Garden mariwinn
Jan Bower (second from left) demonstrates how to propagate succulent plants to some members of the Succulent Society of the Ozarks. Members were able to take home cuttings to create their own ...more

Group aims to de-popularize Bradford pear trees >> Home and Garden staff
This is a section of the branch of an Eastern Redbud tree (Cercis canadensis). Distributed widely in Missouri and attractive when planted against the backdrop of evergreens, it is a suggested ...more

Bagworms: The pest of the month >> Home and Garden d-burton
EVERGREEN BAGWORM Right now in May is a good time to take action to control bagworms according to Patrick Byers, horticulture specialist with University of Missouri Extension. Bagworms are the ...more

Seeing a swarm of tiny critters? >> Home and Garden d-burton
The size of a red clover mite is measured against the size of a penny. In numbers these mites may leave stains on the inside walls and window coverings of structures. (Photo credit: Whitney ...more

Succulents: science fiction of the plant world >> Home and Garden mariwinn
Holding up a diagram of the proposed succulent garden for the south side of the Springfield Botanical Center are (L-R) Dean Kinzer, club member and consummate succulent collector, and Paul Robertson, ...more

Save newspapers for use in the garden >> Home and Garden d-burton
Copies of a newspaper can have a second life in your garden as mulch or a weed barrier. Using newspaper as a mulch or weed barrier results in a cost savings. But it will take a lot of newspaper to ...more

Joplin encourages new eligible homeowners >> Home and Garden l-onstot
The City of Joplinís Joplin Homebuyers Assistance Program (J-HAP) program officially reached the $1 million level of financial assistance for local homebuyers the week of March 17, 2014,, offering ...more

Package labeling confuses consumers >> Home and Garden d-burton
by David L. Burton Consumers canít see the food inside many packages they buy at the grocery store. That makes it hard to know if the food is fresh. Except for infant formula and some baby ...more

How to deal with ice dams >> Home and Garden d-burton
With all of the snow and fluctuating temperatures this winter, some homeowners may find unwanted icicles hanging from their roof. If so, there are probably ice dams building up and those can cause ...more






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